I Got the Job….At ULTA!

Having moved to New Jersey, and being the introvert I am, I have found myself pretty lonely to say the least.  I am a self-proclaimed workaholic as well, so I found this to be the perfect opportunity to try to work seasonally and part-time in addition to my full-time career.

I have always been in love with makeup for as long as I can remember, but my skills are self-taught.  I wanted to be in this environment, in a store I love, around products I use, and help customers who may, in turn, help me too.

I submitted my application twice (I don’t take no for an answer, okay?)  and was thrilled when I got the call.  I watched YouTube videos to prepare myself for the interview, learning what the dress code was, what the different positions were, I wanted to be totally prepared.

Fortunately, I was hired on the spot!  The manager told me she would like me to be a Beauty Advisor – which is what I applied for, but she wants me to dabble in Prestige as well.  Beauty Advisors are the cashiers who work on stock, doing go-backs, and welcoming the guests.  Our main role is to stay up there at the front, and try not to go too far for too long.  We are super busy in this location!

The girls who work in Prestige are in the high-end makeup products, selling and applying brands like Urban Decay, Tarte, Smashbox, etc.  I’m a little intimidated to apply makeup to other people!  I mean, I can beat my face, but I am nervous to beat a stranger’s face.

These are the first few goodies I have picked up.  I’ve been eyeing the NYX Advent Calendar and I’m sooo happy I got my hands on it.  And these Urban Decay lippies HAD to be mine since they were on sale.  We are getting an additional discount off Tarte products, Urban Decay products, and then Clinique products in the next couple weeks – so, more to come!



I’m thinking about doing a giveaway since I have this awesome discount!  I’d love to share.  What do you guys think? Would you be interested and would you participate? Let me know!


xo ; Ang








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